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Thread: How do i increase my sales?

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    Default How do i increase my sales?

    Hello everyone.

    I notice something that has been frustrating for me for some time to see that pertain to my business.
    And probably likewise for some of you with your own business. I look at the stats of my site everyday, such has hits, pageview etc..
    You all know what I mean right. I can have a good amount of people each day spending a good amount of their time looking through my site and going from page to page on my site.

    If everyone were just leaving immediately and I was registering 0 hits then I can understand that their would be a problem with my site
    or landing page. Thats not always the case. So my question is why would some people spend so much time on my site looking at all the different pages and products I offer then don't buy. Why spend your time here on my site when you can be somewhere else and looking at somebody else's products.

    I know they may put me in their favorites and come back later and purchase, but looking at my returning visit that don't happen much.
    I know that if you don't make the sale while they are on your site you will probably will never see them again. So their has to be something more to this that I am not seeing. Does anyone have any ideas as too what could be the problem. Is their something I should be doing that I'm not. Any suggestion.


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    Default Re: How do i increase my sales?

    Well David..

    How many of your visitors are there for Oakwood, Georgia? Why is that in your title bar? I think they may be looking for CITY information you think?



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    Default Re: How do i increase my sales?

    Hi, it might be down to pricing & visitors are looking for the best deal.
    IE: As one example, the lipstick pepper spray is around 20% cheaper on most other sites.

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    Default Re: How do i increase my sales?

    Couple ideas.

    General Collector has a point. people are looking to the internet for deals. Do some comparison shopping with a list of 20 to 30 products. Get it as close as you can to the exact same item. Notice price difference, How they are displaying the item, how they cash out with the shopping cart. Really study the competition. Then go into your site shopping for these same items and with a set of questions that you develope from this comparison. Rate your site as + or - for each question. when done you should get a picture of the fine tuning you may need to do. May God Bless

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