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Thread: Please review

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    Cool Please review

    Hey guys my second attempt. please have a check and see what ya guys think...:P


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    Default Re: Please review

    it looks good
    the navigation buttons are overlapping a line
    i think page its too wide (i am on a 1024 x ??? monitor)
    some texzt overlapping here

    other than that it seems very nice site its easy to read.... well thats my opinion.....

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    Default Re: Please review

    Your gallery, although already divided into 3 pages should be divided further (at least 5 maybe more) because the pages are too large and take too long to load: that comes from using lightbox. Are your images optimised for the web? I havn't checked. Might be an idea to have the visited links (the page numbers) change to another colour.Titles that show in lightbox do not have to be one word or linked with an underscore.

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    Default Re: Please review

    Lovely fast loading website that is very hard to pick holes in.

    It appears to target a specific audience with it's factual and straight forward delivery of information.

    A couple of things I noticed:

    - Like others that have been here before me, I feel that you would be better off making your page width a maximum of 1000 to prevent horizontal scrolling.

    - The Photo Gallery means absolutely nothing. Can you put small descriptions of what each photo is about. Will make it a hell of lot more interesting.

    - Last of all, at least one of your links go to a "Under Construction" page. While it looks nice and professional, there are no links to go back to your website. You have to use the browsers "back key" instead. If you have to use an Under Construction page then it would be better to integrate it into your website with all the navigation buttons intact.

    Ok, if you were counting, that was 3 things. Nice site though, looks good.

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