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Thread: SOFTPlus GSiteCrawler- Error 403 Forbidden!

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    Default SOFTPlus GSiteCrawler- Error 403 Forbidden!

    I had subscribed to but after 6 weeks I still am not getting recognised by Goggle search, even though the preparedness ratings were 100% for all my pages. I can not find out the reasons why my site can be rejected. Is there a way to get this information?
    In despair, I have now have been trying to get my website listed on Google search using SOFTplus GSiteCrawler but it is reporting Aborted URLs that mostly point to images of blue-voda customised buttons. Is there something I need to correct? Following is typical of the failure report:

    Failed at 06/02/2006 12:20:
    Error: HTTP-Error 403 Forbidden

    Thank you if anyone can help .... John

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    Default Re: SOFTPlus GSiteCrawler- Error 403 Forbidden!

    Hi John
    Let me know if you're still having trouble with the GSiteCrawler - I just now spotted this thread... It's usually quicker if you mail me directly or post in my Google-Group


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