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Thread: Need Help on Form in Dreamweaver

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    Default Need Help on Form in Dreamweaver

    guys.. i hope someone can help me here... i have to launch a website tomorrow saturday by 11am eastern time and im having problems with a form! first let me expplain that i use photoshop and slice the layout and bring it into DW. then i delete the images i dont need to so i can type. so far so good. then, when i insert a form and start putting the text fields is when everything starts to move around! i went back and forth re-slicing all day and i cant to make it work. when i preview in the browser i see lines that appear from who knows where!!

    Then, the second problem is that i don’t know how to use the Sumbit button. where to get a script, what page to call "something.php", how to re direct the visitor when clicks in this button. I used to use BVoda and needed to use DW since not everybody has hosting in BV, how do you guys do it?????

    Anyway, basically, need help step by step as to how to set up this button so the visitor can smoothly go ahead to the next page and the client can get the info submitted. By the way, the page that ahs the form is the index, so i cant call the index "index.php" right? so how can i do it???????

    I'm having a bad headache and getting very frustrated I'm about to cry….
    Please please please!!! If someone can help immediately.

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    Cool Re: Need Help on Form in Dreamweaver

    For help using Dreamweaver for "client" sites not VodaHost-ed, I am sure you will find previously answered threads and far greater "robust" resources for Dream Support selecting from the Forums Here.

    These are Support Forums for Blue Voda/VodaHost clients, and lesser for titles like Dreamweaver (not enough peers here when you need them!).

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