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Thread: Best Payment processor for Digital Products?

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    Question Best Payment processor for Digital Products?

    What's the best payment processor to use that accepts credit/debit card for digital products? I'm thinking of using paypal but I'll use Donate button instead of Buy button. Will it help to avoid charge back?

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    Using any system that accepts cards as payment is open to charge backs. Your best bet is to ensure you sell a product and give a service that is unlikely to warrant anyone requesting such. If you are confident about your products/service this shouldn't be an issue.
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    You can not use the donate button in paypal for products as it does not allow for the product id. simple because of that reason. it's for donations only. and as it's for digital products which probably means downloadable you can't set that up ether in paypal using the donate button. same goes for any other payment processor. Good accounting means adding any charges to the price.

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    Nothing...including paypal donate button can prevent charge back. If a customer is unhappy, didnt recieve product, or didnt recieve a resolution from you.. charge backs can happen.



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