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Thread: delete pages via cpanel

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    Default delete pages via cpanel

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    aim a newbie in this, by misstake and trying soho, i created some pages on the net. when i open my file manager then i see a lot of files and carpets, now i dont now what i can delete and what not to remove the web pages maked by mistake

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    Lightbulb Re: delete pages via cpanel

    It's not exactly clear what you question is, other than it sounds like you are presently using Soholaunch, but you might have some pages in your public_HTML/ directory that are leftovers from using Blue Voda??

    Is Soholaunch working fine? Are you having any problems or Error messages? If not, don't worry about it.

    Since you logon to Soholaunch as an online application, to the Admin panel, it is all done online and is not "published" in the same way Blue Voda is.

    If you do have some leftover Blue Voda pages in your directory, and you do not still have copies of those files on your own computer to re-publish someday, then you may wish to go into your cPanel and create a Folder called "BV" or something and simply move those files and images into that folder for safekeeping. This will keep them from interfering with Soho completely, and give you peace of mind that your files are safe.

    That is, if you feel capable and if those pages are somehow interrupting your Soholaunch from working properly....

    THEN AGAIN .... if your post indicates that you improperly published some Blue Voda pages to the same directory as your Soholaunch store is in, then yes ... go ahead via cPanel and delete the .bvp files and the images associated with them. Then be ssure you re-publish them to the proper directory --- even if you have to create it (once again, or for the first time).
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    Default Re: delete pages via cpanel

    thanks for the help, aim working with the vodabuilder and the pages i want to delete are created by the soho wizzard while i logged on to check out the program, this are the pages that i want to have deleted.

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