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Thread: Changing your domain name

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    Default Changing your domain name

    Well I've confused myself yet again,(but the moments of confusion seem to be getting fewer and farther between).
    Because I decided I could improve the seo of the blog I just started, by changing the domain name from to I did just that, well...sort of.
    I bought the new domain, pointed it to BV, added it as an add-on domain in c-Panel (,deleted to other add-on domain (, and redirected (at my registrar) it to the new one. I also changed the file name in FTP manager to
    Now both domains take you to the page my registrar parks domains on.
    Should I put things back the way they were and just point the new domain to the old one?

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    Default Re: Changing your domain name

    Quote Originally Posted by jerryl View Post
    I also changed the file name in FTP manager to
    That's the bit you confused me with?
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    Default Re: Changing your domain name

    You have to point your domain names to vodahost servers. If your domain registrar has a park and point, you can point the first one (redirect) to the second.

    If not you need to do a 301 redirect in htacess to redirect the domain to the second. In the instance of the second formation you still need to have BOTH addons in your cpanel.

    You can also do a redirect in your cpanel if you cant manage the htacess file. Both domains need to point to the voda servers in these last examples. Both domains need to be in cpanel



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    Default Re: Changing your domain name

    Thanks for your responses,
    I guess you can name the files in file manager anything you doesn't matter?
    I got things back the way they were I think, the blog can be accessed at, I have two addon domains,, and
    Both are pointed to vodahost so now I think I'll wait until tomorrow, and try to end up with both domains getting you to the site with my new one in the address bar.
    I'm learning more tech stuff everyday with your help, thanks alot,

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