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    Default Re: Dreamweaver ftp setup.

    In another post another queston re: DW publishing said to export first then import to BV. I am sorry, but that is confusing. I also have two pages I created in Dreamweaver (before BV) and instead of re-creating them in BV(they are rather completed) I would like to know if it is possible to publish to BV. Can I copy the pages into the BV web and change the name? would that be the easier way. prmccabe40517****.com

    Thanks so much.

    Trish Mc

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    Default Re: Dreamweaver ftp setup.

    yes, you can do this ... you can use dreamweaver and upload your pages to your voda host server via ftp ..

    to connect to your ftp server .. you can open blue voda and then
    tools > ftp manager > connect - choose your ip addy, username and password and upload your pages into the public_html directory (if this is your main domain in your voda host account, otherwise into the directory for the add on domain)

    In response to your other questions, it won't be any easier copying the html into blue voda pages - your best option is to upload your dreamweaver page as described above. To edit these pages created in dreamweaver, you would always need to edit in dreamweaver and upload the page again with your changes.

    If you wanted to begin using the blue voda website builder, then you would do the import and publish method offered to you in another post, but beware that if you have any javascript or flash element on your dreamweaver page, this will not be imported via the blue voda website builder, you would again need to apply that to your blue voda page ... importing via blue voda is not perfect, but is doable with modifications where necessary.


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    Question Re: Dreamweaver ftp setup.

    Thanks for all those specific instructions, Ladyeye. Hope this question isn't too basic, but I have never tried publishing to one of my Voda-hosted domains a page created in a program other than BV.

    So, if I have (on my hard drive) a page that was created, say, in Dreamweaver, and I want to publish it to one of my VH domains, do I just import it using the Import HTML function (per this video):

    And then modify the imported HTML to my liking, and publish it the same way I would publish a page created in BV? THANK YOU.

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    Default Re: Dreamweaver ftp setup.

    Hello, This is my first website with vodahost. I am trying to find information on Joomla, to determine if it is compatable with my pc. Are there any downloadble, versions of dreamweaver, and other software here on vodahost?
    Thanks Tammy

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