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Thread: Google Searches - Global Warming Effect Measured

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    Default Google Searches - Global Warming Effect Measured

    A report on covers work that has calculated the carbon footprint of a typical Google search. According to the report each Google search generates 7 grammes of C**. Two searches are equivalent to boiling a kettle of water.

    Read more:

    According to Gartner, IT generates 2% of global C** output. Google as a major Internet firm obviously makes its fair share.

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    Default Re: Google Searches - Global Warming Effect Measured

    We worked for a guy a few years back that designed buildings for isp's & Internet SE's. I couldn't believe the power that is used in these buildings for computers. Then double this (plus a bit) for the air/con to cool it down.
    When building these buildings, they would seriously looks at locating in an area where the heat generated could be used by another manufacture or even to heat other buildings.

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    It has now been proven that the effects of Global Warming are more than likely to take a drastic turn within half a century and not in hundreds of years as first predicted! Within 40-50 years we will have gone past the point of no-return (apparently) The recent disappearance of a huge portion of Greenland disappearing into the sea in two weeks in 2005 is a good example as scientists first anticipated this particular section would take 250,000 years to disappear.... It took two weeks!

    Such sooner turn of events could see New York and Florida 6 Metres below sea level, just for starters.
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