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Thread: Comments form using php and mysql

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    Smile Comments form using php and mysql

    I have been designing websites for a few years and have recently got a webdesign job.

    I have just begun to explore php and mysql, i have set up my mysql database and basically know how to add a table to it and add the fields, what I am looking for is a good tutorial that will explain the basics of creating a form and linking it to my database . The code is for my dj website which will allow visitors to leave a comment on my promotional mix pages.

    I have one at the moment that does not use database it just uses a txt file and although this works i want to actually start to make my own using databases.

    I have tried a couple of tutorials only to get to the end and it doesnt work even tho i followed it closely.

    Can anyone link me to a tutorial or provide me with the code so that i can study it and start to learn how these forms are put together and begin designing my own, I know its not going to happen over night but I would feel happier knowing I designed the code rather than i just got a free code from the net.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Comments form using php and mysql

    These sites have some good tutorials for the basics

    These site have support forums, articles, and some tutorials on doing specific things

    And here is the documentation website for php
    This is the single best resource for php, it will explain all of the function and functionality of php.

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