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Thread: Database connection

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    Default Database connection

    I have been trying to get to a database that I have created in my Bluevoda Control Panel.
    However when I try and test the database using Dreamweaver, the only database it shows is "information_schema"

    When I enter the password for my database I get the message "access denied for user xxxxxxx_tidus @'localhost' using password: YES

    am I forgetting to do something?

    all help much appreciated

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    Default Re: Database connection

    Are you selecting the database after you connect?

    Database connection involves the initial connect and then the database selection.

    Register/Login Script
    Do you use a Password Protected Directory? Need a way to allow users to make their own account, try my .htaccess Login Script

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    Default Re: Database connection

    Hi Thanks for your reply

    No as my database is not in that folder,

    I have manages to work round it using ABVFP and this works fine.

    Again thanks for replying


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