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Thread: Error Form wont work!

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    Smile Error Form wont work!

    When forms are submitted they get to me fine, and success page comes up, but I cannot get error page to work...I have filled in area boxes, telling them max and min text/numbers...have uploaded error form to server, filled in the error URL..
    can someone have a look..

    Thanks a lot

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    Default Re: Error Form wont work!

    your error form does not list/check any errors of the form, only errors at the server end.
    form verification takes care of any form errors.

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    Default Re: Error Form wont work!

    What are you using to process your form???
    Certainly you are not using ABVFP, though the pages are published in a folder called ABVFP.

    Now, if you have used the built in form processor, and IF you create the error page according to instructions, the error page will only report two types of errors: cracking attempts, and max filesize (for those cases where a file upload is included) error.
    In this case you need to type, in the error page, ONLY ##error## and not all that text that you have typed.

    If instead, you had used ABVFP and you had built the error page according to the ABVFP instructions, it would report all errors.

    But you didn't.....
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    Default Re: Error Form wont work!

    thanks, I will try again....

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