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Thread: website length changes in diferent browsers

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    Default website length changes in diferent browsers

    The length of my website changes in different browsers (but the width is good). I would like to have a space at the bottom of the browser, that is between the template edge and the browser border, however, on some computers there is no space. How can I fix this so the site is universally the same?


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    Default Re: website length changes in diferent browsers

    I would assume the problem is your page length isn't that long, probably a little over 600px, but the second computer has a resolution with a length closer to 800 or more so it has a gap before it touches the bottom border.

    If this is infact the case you just have to make sure the page is long enough so its longer then the resolutions the majority of of computers use.

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    Default Re: website length changes in diferent browsers

    The other part maybe with some browsers like FireFox space their lines with slightly wider vertical spacing than IE & this will extend the text on long pages. You will just have to compensate for this.

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