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Thread: how to add Java menu to the site?

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    Exclamation how to add Java menu to the site?

    Hi, how do I add Java elements into my website. For example, the program I use to generate the menu gives 2 options, I can either paste the HTML code into the webpage or it generates a js file and related graphic files related to the menu. How do I incorporate these files into my webpage? I used insert Java, but it won't let me add js files, and where do I put the graphic files that I needed for the menu?

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    Hi, it might be easier to pop the link of the sites page you are getting this from.

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    You are talking about a javascript menu, Java and javascript are two completely different things.

    You need to use a ftp or the file manager to upload the .js files and images for the menu to your website. And either way there will most likely be some amount of html you need to add to your page.

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