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Thread: Site Template is Larger on Macs vs PCs

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    Default Site Template is Larger on Macs vs PCs

    My site templates are the right size on PC's and the text fits within their boundaries. However, when I view the site on Macs the text extends beyond the template, so basically it looks like the template is too small on Macs. I am using a font that is universal on all computers so I know it is not a font issue. Does anyone know what should be done to ensure that the page is the same on all computers? Should I save the template pictures in a certain format, and would that make a difference? Any thoughts would be helpful.


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    Cool Re: Site Template is Larger on Macs vs PCs

    Same here and i tried to get more info on it. you have to change your setting on MAC in order for it to appear same as PC.

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