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Thread: Syncing BV files using multiple PCs

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    Question Syncing BV files using multiple PCs

    I am running BV on my laptop and desktop, using identical file structures (c:/Documents and Settings/username/my documents/bluevoda...) on both machines.

    I want to make my Laptop the "Master". I originally thought if I opened/edited a BV file on the desktop I could just copy it to the laptop in the same file location to retain the laptop as "master".

    However, when I open bv files on desktop, often the image file links are broken.

    (I also keep all the image files in a folder duplicated on the desktop machine from the laptop. If I make a change in a file I copy the directory when I'm finished to the other machine).

    Should I be doing this differently? Does BV hold other data somewhere else other than the "bluevoda" folder that I also need to copy between machines?



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    Default Re: Syncing BV files using multiple PCs

    You can use remote storage. Then just keep a copy of bv on each pc.

    You can have a remote storage that updates daily. This is also good if you crash.

    I also use a mini 500g external hd that makes back ups daily. It is usb and super simple to use and carry back and forth from pc to pc.

    You can even use a 80G usb backup.

    Just dont forget to back it up!

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    Default Re: Syncing BV files using multiple PCs

    My computer did CRASH! I had everything backed up on external hd and also on usb. I thought I could go in and drop & drag bv and all that goes with it, when I did nothing would open for me.

    Any idea's ..


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