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    Question Nicky

    Hi there - Just joined and this is so very different to my last host/builder and I am finding it very confusing. My registered domain was a new (free) one that I took advantage of when registering and so it is DiamondMLMTraining - my other three websites (I have repointed to the Vodahost servers and published them - NickyPriceMarketing, DiamondMLMLeads and ExtraIncomeFreedom) but I do not understand the file system and what their actual web page address is to repoint them to the domain name.

    Have I set them up correctly as add-ons? - How do I link the right pages to the right web address and how do I find out what their actual web address is so that I can set my autoresponders.

    Also I have an important email address that is not delivering mail to me at the moment (linked to NickyPriceMarketing) and I don't understand what I need to do. I have watched lots of the tutorials (many don't seem to have sound even though the audio is clicked to "on") and I have followed some of these threads but still not able to resolve. Please help, it is driving me mad!!

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    Exclamation Re: Nicky

    Breathe deep and relax ...nothing worse than multiple problems at once(been there & done that). Pick one issue to resolve before going on to the next.

    Yes add-ons is correct. You will need to create the folders, and in your root_html directory before publishing.

    Remember: each time you publish your files you have to change to the respective folder for the page you are typing to: root_html/page, DiamondMLMLeads and ExtraIncomeFreedom) or they will all be part of your main page(DiamondMLMTraining)

    Make sure that you are correctly pointing to the your server using the info in your welcome mail and these tutorials

    For your auto-responders go to cpanel ==> mail ==> auto....

    Good luck &
    do not rush

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