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    Hoping someone can help.

    My website is which has been done in Blue Voda. I've used Mal's Ecart to set up a shopping cart which I've finally done successfully - my question isn't really to do with Mal's but rather a problem with the View Cart on my Menu Page.

    Because I have set up the Menu Page as an inline frame, I need to set all my links to _top which I've done. However the html coding for the View Cart button, well I've tried to insert code to make it come to the front, but each time I click on it, it's behind another page.

    I hope someone understands what I'm saying - I'm just not sure how to set it to 'top'. I copied and pasted the html code from my menu bar but wherever I put it in the html of the View Cart, it just doesn't work!


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    Default Re: Shopping Cart on Menu Page

    Ok you may have to help me out here the only page i found that had products on was Baby Shower Invitation from the link you gave. now that has paypal buttons yet the show cart button ( top left ) goes to mals cart.
    Not being a fan of mals cart its hard to say. but you paypal buttons did open on top new window

    What is the code for the button ?

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    Thanks for your response Alien Dude! However, I have decided to start again with my store using Soholaunch - have installed it on a sub-domain to try it out and I LOVE it! I am planning on replacing this site built with Blue Voda as I am also not too keen on the Mal's eCart.

    Thanks again for your response anyway.

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