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    I have created a pdf down load and it works fine but problem is that I have to do a new one every week and leave the old ones there as an archive, so you can imagine it will get messy. I have tried to make a folder to put them in to try and keep it tidier but it dose'nt work. The three ways I made the link was
    1: kept it the same (
    folder = the name of the folder

    So my question: Is this possible and if so what am I doing wrong?

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    Hi Doods, have u set up an account with VH yet and pointed your domain 2 ur VH server?

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    Default Re: PDF downloads would be the correct link.
    Of course you would have to upload the PDF's to the "folder" directory/folder that you created in your public_html directory.
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    Thanks for the repliies and sorry this has taken awhile life sometimes gets in the way ;)
    Travlin man : Yes I do have an account the links I put therer are just examples of the ways that I have tried.

    Carbon Terry : I think the prob was with the flash maker I was using as when I used the BV menu it worked fine.

    So cheers again for your help

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