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    Hi there
    I am facing a problem which require some help.Please help me out if I can fix this in Bluevoda or not. I have a webshop and when you roll down on the product list which is long, then you hit one of the product picture which will navigate you to the product page of course. If you hit the "BACK" button both in the browser or on the page will take you back to the previous product list page correctly however always back to the top of the page and not to the part on the list where you were at so guest must roll down again and find where they navigate away and maybe confused which products they checked or not previously. Is there any way to make them "remember"? Any suggestions very much appreciated!THX

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    Hi sanio01,
    unfortunately I can not help u with this. I know however that u will need a script 2 do this. Be patient, we have several people here that are good with scripts....given a bit of time someone will come across ur question. Good Luck!

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