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    Hi guys,

    On my website , I have a featured section at the top which has images rotating in it. The problem is its 580 x 280 but if I add an image larger than that it doesn't resize the image to fit properly. See the Zune HD image , it doesn't fit properly

    Anyone any ideas how i can add a a line of code or something to the settings for it or do i just have to make sure all my images are 580 x 280?


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    I style.css file of your theme, you have two places that
    you can play with.

    Before you do anything, save the file first.
    Using FTP, transfer the file style.css onto your computer.

    pre { overflow: auto;
    width: 470px;

    That is most probably your sidebar width.

    .post img {
    max-width: 680px;
    This is probably your content area.

    You can change the width of either one. But make
    sure when you increase one like
    max-width: 680px; then you lower the number 470px by the
    same amount.

    Try it. If doesn't work, re-transfer style.css from your
    PC to the server.

    In any case, on either part, there is obviously a limit what you can do.

    You can also resize the image and make it bigger to what you want.

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