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Thread: Is GD-Library installed on Vodahost

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    Default Is GD-Library installed on Vodahost

    I'm having trouble with timthumb on my wordpress site

    I can't get the images to show up on my site on the homepage, you just see the red x's where they should be and i've been doing some troubleshooting and i've read that permissions need to be set to 777 which i've done but i also need GD-Library installed on my vodahost server.

    Does anyone know if it is? and where can i find out the stats for my vodahost account


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    Default Re: Is GD-Library installed on Vodahost

    GD Library is installed. You can verify this by creating a file called test.php with the following code:

    PHP Code:
    <?php phpinfo(); ?>
    Place this file in your web page home directory and browse to the page yoursite/test.php. This will output the PHP configuration information. GD Library is listed under the gd section.

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    Cheers mattski,

    I've managed to get it working

    thanks again

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