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Thread: Putting my WP Blog in a subdomain

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    Default Putting my WP Blog in a subdomain

    You may have read my recent posts where I have been trying to find out how to "combine BV pages with my WP blog", I think I have now found the correct terminology to rephrase the question so hopefully I can get some help.

    My WP blog domain is
    I would like it to be

    I am hoping that if I put my blog into a subdomain I will then be able to upload some BV pages into the public root directory or something like that?

    I see websites all the time that have static pages plus a blog with urls along the line of what I just suggested.

    The reason I want to do this is so that I can have complete artistic license with my static pages but also benefit by having a dynamic interactive blog too.

    I can only see 2 ways to do this is:

    1. create a different folder/subdomain in CP then upload any static pages I have designed myself into one folder and leave the blog untouched in another folder while still being able to add content to my blog through wp-admin


    2. register another domain such as and then just create links between the two

    Someone please help, it's driving me nuts and I only have a limited time to get this up and running the way I want it to before uni starts and I wont have time.

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    Default Re: Putting my WP Blog in a subdomain

    Anyone out there?

    I have created a subdomain in cp.
    How do I move my wp blog into that folder? I tried dragging it in but when I did that my blog just dissappeared :(


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    Arrow Re: Putting my WP Blog in a subdomain

    Hi Sarah

    Log in to your cpanel.

    Scroll down till you see Software/Services

    Click on fantastico deluxe

    On the left menu, select WordPress

    Click on New installation

    Name your blog anything you want
    your root would be your domain name for your static website

    And follow instructions to create your login and your password

    When it says Install in Directory, enter the name of your blog

    Then a little lower,

    enter your user name and password and you are set to go.

    It will lead you to the wordpress login panel

    If not, then in your browser URL address field, enter the

    it will display your wordpress admin login panel.

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    Default Re: Putting my WP Blog in a subdomain

    Hi wysiwyg4

    Thanks for answering, but I'm over my depth here. I already installed WP via fantasico months ago but now want the blog to be in a subdirectory so that I can also upload static pages using BV. The whole thing is getting quite confusing and so I have decided to get someone to do it for me freelance, I've stuffed it up too many times already.

    Thanks anyway :)


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    Default Re: Putting my WP Blog in a subdomain

    continued here

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