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Thread: Moving forward to create multiple pages

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    Question Moving forward to create multiple pages

    I am having some issues. I have been able to get a template into the page and add some text and an image, but that is it. I have been through all of the tutorials (actually several times over), but I am overwhelmed and kind of stumped on what to do next.

    1. Is each page limited with how far you can scroll down a page, but be on the same page?

    2. I don't know if I have to make the tabs on the home/index page I have created first and if so, how? Or do I create more pages first and the tabs to the home page later? And, how will the tab link to the page?

    3. Also, do I just create a whole new page or do I add it somewhere from the homepage?

    Help! I've been trying to figure this out for the last week based on tutorials...

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    Arrow Re: Moving forward to create multiple pages

    1. In BV, you can set the height to different than the default. Try it with a bigger number.
    2. It's better to create your pages first, and then the menu tabs.
    If you don't have a page on the server but the menu tab is pointing
    to it, it will give 404 error.
    3. It's better to create a new page with a different title under the general
    substance (topic) of your website.

    There are different "tabs" for navigation purposes in BV. Select one to your taste.
    Whatever you select from the list, usually a double click on the "box" will give options
    one of which would be linking your URL for a page.

    These are all described in the video tutorials.

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