I am using the Techno > Breeze premium template I purchased to develop a website for www.contourmagic.com but have struck a problem I cannot solve.

The template Homepage has 5 Template Boxes as part of the design and 2 in the Site Base Template for the other pages. Each box has the option to get content for the box from Blog Manager or to be disabled so it has no content. Unfortunately I disabled the boxes thinking to re-enable them when I had the blog content ready.

The Title for the boxes is shown on the page but my problem is that now that I have the blog content ready, I cannot populate the boxes with this content because I cannot re-enable the boxes (so they take their content from the Blog Manager).

When I click on "content from Blog Manager", choose a blog to be posted in that box and press the highlighted Save button the screen refreshes but nothing changes. I have tried repeating the action without any luck.

Can anyone help please?