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    Lightbulb Please review

    Hi Please have a lokk at my website

    Does it look proffessional?

    Does it deliver a clear message?

    Please be brutal, any suggestions on how to improve will be greatfully recieved

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    Your title for each horizontal menu item is the same.

    You could make it unique reflecting the business on the page.

    Other than that, nice site, easy to understand and easy to navigate.

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    Good job! I found the folowing, though...........

    How It Works: cost-effective manner
    Money Back Guarantee:
    By using us you are guaranteeing a return on your recruitment spend and reducing your costs. - sorry, this just doesn't make sense & I'm not sure what you're trying to say LOL
    Job Boards:
    thousands of uro - either 's or Euros

    Not so bad, I have to say!
    Good luck,

    Never measure the height of the mountain you're climbing. At the summit, look back and see how small it really is!

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    I like your site and yes it does look proffessional but you are asking does it deliver a clear message?

    It does because I am taking some time to review it and it doesn't because if I was either an Employer or an Employee, I think I would be confused in both camps.

    I think what you need to do is from your Home Page is have LOOKING FOR A JOB click here and EMPLOYERS click here and then take them to series of pages that are appropriate to each camp.

    I didn't see anywhere an employee can upload a CV or indeed anywhere an employer can upload a Job Spec and as you are in the business of bringing the two together, this maybe useful.

    I hope this helps
    Happy Building


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    To help refine the look, I would use the anti alias on the shapes, and use the gradient colour tool.

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    I agree about the images. If you make site like this, it has to look professional in any possible way . . even such a small thing as images.

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    Thanks for your comments

    I am looking at having some sort of entry page that directs people to either an employers or a Job seekers section.

    Also what does the anti alias tool do?

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