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    how long does it take for a website to be picked up by google? i have several sites using blue voda and when i type in the name of the sites it automatically comes up in the box and i am #1 in the search results...i just launched a new site last week and when i type the " vino doggy bag" in the search box my site does not come website is


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    Most search engines (Google being the current leader) will naturally cache a website within 25-45 days as a result of the normal bot cycle.

    If you Google your web's URL and a cached page view does come up, the date of that cache is the approximate date of each month the bots are scheduled to visit, and you can figure the normal cycle to be 25-35 days near that same date each month.

    Any initial SERP results are just that: initial, and not necessarily reflecting permanence or sustainability to rankings. Be prepared for shifts and dramatic fluctuations in your web positioning, all due to the variables influenced by the site's construction, the current consumer search trends, the relevance to the web and other sites, etc.

    Don't focus on SERP ... focus on crossing the "T's" and dotting the "I's" on your web build with regard to proper pre-optimization via the tools Blue Voda makes available, good and relevant Content, and structuring the site with emphasized conversion strategies, which really is the bottom-line purpose of a website overall.
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