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Thread: All in one hyperlink?

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    Default All in one hyperlink?

    Hello- I would like to set up my web page so that if a person wants to click on a image that is connected to a table of contents or menu, it takes them to a subpage. I have tried putting in a image hyperlinking that and then putting in navigation bars in and putting them under picture. The picture corresponds with the nav. bar below to the same page. Is there anything easier, like putting a text near your image and having both hyperlink to the same page? My site-

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    This is what hperlinking is all about, there is no easyway or short cuts, I'm afraid.

    I just had a look at your site and you have 2 buttons rings and bracelets. You now have to create/ save/ publish 2 pages to display these items and also so you can link your buttons to them.

    Bluevoda is great for a handful of products but may prove time consuming if you have many. You may wish to use a different platform such as Soholaunch which would be an ideal shopping site.
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    I do what you're saying all over the place - check out my sites. The pictures link - the text under them link- it's not hard - you just have to learn how to do it :)

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