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Thread: Error in published pages and BV 7.7

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    Wink Error in published pages and BV 7.7


    I’ve test published my index (Home), About Us and Contact Us page from BV 7.7. Here’s what I see online;

    1. My home page has 2 “About Us” buttons. When mouse-over one of it, it says “Contact Us” I’ve checked numerous times in BV to make sure I’ve configured the navigation bar right. And I believe there’s nothing wrong with it. Anyway here’s how I configure the nav bar….

    Home –
    Power And Control -
    Lightning Surge -
    Security -
    About Us -
    Contact Us -

    2. In the About Us page it has another “About Us” button. When mouse-over, it says “Contact Us”

    Here’s a problem with BV 7.7…

    Before I published my web page for the first time, I was able to preview my creation in BV. Immediately after I’ve made my publication, I can’t use the preview button anymore. I’ve tried switching OFF and ON my pc…..tried again the next day, I still can’t preview.

    My particulars…
    • Name: YMLow
    • I.D. 5793
    • My OS is W2k


    Thank You.

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    Default Re: Error in published pages and BV 7.7

    Re-make your menubar from scratch in the problematic pages. Do not copy/paste the menu from one page to the other.
    As for the preview, you migh have touched in some way the preview options. Please go in Tools> Options> Preview and check the "Use default Browser" checkbox, to see if it works. Did you change your default browser recently?
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    Default Re: Error in published pages and BV 7.7


    Following your instruction, I now can preview my page in BV. But strange, I did not do anything to the preview option....??? :(

    I'll try re-creating the menubar in every page and re-publish them. What I did was I created a template with the menubar then fill them with text, pics and save them individually in BV as index, aboutus, contactus...etc With each respective page, I delete the respective buttons, eg. in About Us page, I just delete the "About Us" in the nav bar and repeat it to each page. Guess that must be the cause of the problem.

    Thanks again, will try out and reply you of the results.


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    Default Re: Error in published pages and BV 7.7

    I'm using ie6 and no I did not change my browser at all.

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    Default Re: Error in published pages and BV 7.7

    Yo navaldesign,

    Everything's fine now.

    Thank you ;)

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