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    Default flash problems

    hi guys, iv seen a flash tutorial and i can get it to work with my pictures but i want to add more pictures to it. Im a newb at flash but would really like this effect on my website cac anyone help


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    Cool Re: flash problems

    Hi Johnny,
    don't misunderstand this but I'm rather pleased you have a problem....otherwise I'd never have seen this it a lot, thanks LOL
    So, from what I can see (I haven't actuially tried it yet) if you watch the tut:
    "How to implement the effect" it shows -
    Select the insert menu
    New Symbol
    Import to Stage - select the here is where you should be putting the images you want to use...then all you have to do is repeat the above for every image.
    I'll be testing this later today to see if I'm right :) If not, we'll have to think again LOL
    hope this helps,
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