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    Question expert opinion please

    Hi there

    This is driving me nuts. I was playing around with hide/unhide but decided not to implement. But, look at the effect on the page here;

    I have replaced the page and published a new one so this is not a big deal, but its really annoying not knowing why and not knowing how to fix or prevent it (except for the obvious).

    Thanks if you have the time to look.

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    Not realy sure what u mean as u list one page and not the original to compare it to. All I see is a page with broken links; nothing displayed. Also not sure what you mean by hide/unhide.

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    Publish Files [drop down] : "Publish all files"

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    Hi, sorry about the incomplete description of what is wrong. This is the page as it should look: This is the problem page: On this page, using FF and IE, the borders hollow. They are not filled with pattern or colour. Compare that with the borders of the former. I used this page (poblem one) playing around hiding an image through mouseover event (see below)

    To put a picture that could be hidden/unhidden, follow the following steps:

    01) Create the image you wish to be shown and later hide. It has to be an image (I did not find yet a way to do the same with other elements)
    02) Prepare your page as usual, inserting all the elements of it.
    03) Insert the image at the position yo want it to appear. It is better to do this as the last operation.
    04) Right click on the image and go to "Properties"
    05) Open the tab "Events"
    06) Add an event
    07) In the screen "Add event", choose "OnMouseOver" for Event and "Hide" for Action.
    0 In the same screen open "Target". You will be shown a list with the elements of your page.
    09) Look for "Image...". If the vanishing image was inserted last, it should be listed with the highest number. Choose it and accept.
    10) Test the page. The image should vanish as soon as the mouse pointer touch it.

    If the image is to be hidden after being displayed once, you would need to put some clue on the image that will advise the visitor that hovering the mouse over the image will remove it. It could be a text like "Click to close" or the typical X-box. Actually, none of them will close the image. It will be vanished when the mouse touch the image, anywhere of it.

    Thanks all for your interest

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