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Thread: flash timeline problem

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    Default flash timeline problem

    hi guys i've built a a flash slide show and it works great but i did not set the right size. its 550x400 when it should be 233x320. Ive clicked on the white space round the image and changed it to 233x320 but when i preview it still has the white surround. is there a way to alter it or do i have to do it all again


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    Hi Jabie5,
    I'm not sure what version of Flash you are using... But I use Flash CS3 (Action Script 3.0)
    You will have to open your Flash file in Flash program.
    From the menu tabs at the top of the page, Select Modify / then select / Document. The dialogue box will open and you will be able to adjust your size from here.
    If your show doesn't fit, you may have to re-size buttons, fonts or characters too.
    Save your work and reload it to the site.
    Let me know how this works
    Have a Great day!

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