The internet is a constantly evolving and changing animal. What worked great last month might not work today…What was cool and hip 2004 is now ancient history. The one-approach-fits-all philosophy of yesteryear are gone forever.

VodaHost is here to bring you to the wholly customizable experience of the modern internet. This is Web 2.0. This is Soholaunch!!

While the BlueVoda Website Builder is an awesome tool that has empowered tens of thousands of users to create absolutely fantastic websites, it is only the surface of the plethora of customizable software tools and features that are available to you with your VodaHost web hosting account.

We have prepared a few introductory videos about our mighty SohoLaunch to get you started on your Web 2.0 experience. I promise you will love it!

Video 1) Stacy will walk you through all the features of our Soholaunch.

Turn on your computers speakers and click the video to start playing.

Video 2) Chris will you explain to you exactly how easy it is to get your
website up and running Soholaunch's Quickstart Wizard.