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Thread: Hi all Please view my new look cleaning website

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    Talking Hi all Please view my new look cleaning website

    Hi all.....

    I have made a few changes to the website to try and make it more user friendly. I have now added a pay online page as i got my 1st business account open a few weeks back. This enables customers to pay straight into my bank. I have had one customer from Austria and one from Australia, who has now employed me weekly and pays fortnightly upfront!
    The customers/landlords are over the moon with the service and the ease of use.

    Also under the services page i have now added another service which is
    our Rug Doctor rental service. We purchased the machine 4 days ago and its been out twice, making 50 on top of weekly cleaning money, so alls good!

    Please could you pull apart the website with regards to spelling errors?!
    I try to get to much out sometimes and read what i want to read, rather than whats there!

    Cheers VH BV and the entire community!

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    Default Re: Hi all Please view my new look cleaning website

    Hello Tidyboy,

    The website looks simple and clean like your cleaning service except few verbiage and grammatical fixes. If you put some time to read thru line by line, you will find them easily. Also you need to do some para justifications and alignments to look better. THey are simple to do.

    Over all site works like a charm. You might want to add captcha or verification in your contact form. I just sent you some junk via the form and spammers tend to do it. So I would add that. Also just for fun, change the lady image( i am not sure its the image of the owner) for each page to do something different like cleaning, mopping etc., That might add some value..

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Hi all Please view my new look cleaning website

    Site looks good. I did notice that with exception of your home page, none of your pages have a footer. It kind of makes these pages look unfinished. Use the same as your home page.
    Happy Building


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    Default Re: Hi all Please view my new look cleaning website

    Ditto with Darren on the pages needing an extra inch.
    Would also do away with the mailto: links & just have a contact us link to the contact form page with an added captcha. It will save the risk of spam.

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