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Thread: Review BV paid membership capabilities

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    Hi everyone,

    I have been away from BV for some time. Recently I was talking to my girlfriend, a teacher, about setting up a support site for teachers where they can share lesson plans and resources etc. We want to set this up as a paid membership site. I decieded to have another look at BV and downloaded the update, to my pleasent surprise mebership capabilities had been added. In order to create a paid membership site I have simply created a subscription page with a paypal subscription button where, upon sucessful payment, the customer is directed to a page where they can create their account and login. At the moment the login and supscription pages are the only active part of the site, currently, I'd appreciate it if anyone can have a look and check the subscription method, currently in sandbox mode, and see how it works. I'll post again when I take off the sandbox mode. Also if anyone knows how I can enable my customers to upload files for others to download that would be great.


    Matt Woodhouse

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    I checked out your website and hope you have plans to redesign to make it look bit professional. As per the workings for the subscribe, it worked and jumped to paypal to get payment but didn't allow me to make any payments.

    Instead of reinventing the wheel, there are lot of ways you can do this thing. You can use already exisiting CMS platforms like Drupal and Joomla where you can configure to subscribe members and allow them to download. You can also buy scripts to do this functionalities which might be couple of hundred dollars but might worth your time.

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