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Thread: What is Command Prompt "HISTORICAL" role?

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    Default What is Command Prompt "HISTORICAL" role?


    Please give me some advice.

    I'm a student and my computer class teacher required us to do homework answering the following question.

    What is "Command Prompt"? Look up its historical and now role.

    I,however, got confused about "historical". Did Command Prompt took an important and innovative role?

    In addition, my teacher said, "Maybe you don't know about Command Prompt, but our generation gets brought back memories when seeing its black screen. At our school age, all computer moved using it."

    Command Prompt is built in OS/2 for the first time in 1987. I guess probably it's not Command Prompt...I think my teacher confused Command Prompt with something of DOS Window and "Command Prompt" my teacher means includes all of them.

    What should I answer above question?
    If Command Prompt took a historical role, please tell me about it!

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    Exclamation Re: What is Command Prompt "HISTORICAL" role?

    Address your homework questions to Google or and not to these Forums.
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