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Thread: fixing the php include

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    Default fixing the php include

    It would be nice to have the php include command be written properly within the source code of a page. As of now, when one uses the php include command with BV, rather than add the element, object, menu link, whatever, within the<html> tag, BV adds it as it's own new <html> with a second <head> and <body> tags for each php include command. If one has 3 includes, it will show as if on added 4 pages into one source page. This is poor code writing and it affects us when googlebots attempt to read our page code before it indexes out pages. Google sees this as an attempt to trick it or confuse it and thus blacks lists a site so even a simple will not return any results.

    It ssems this is an issue of somebody used to Frontpage methods turned all the webbot includes into php includes without modifying the included files but I'm not a BV programmer but it would be super if they could take a look into this and fix it because this will really hurt their business and good name... I for one know I will be looking else where if this is not resolved, it's a pretty serious issue!

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    Default Re: fixing the php include

    I'm with you - I publish, then ftp the code back, edit it through Dreamweaver to remove all the extraneous <head>s etc then ftp it back.

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    Default Re: fixing the php include

    I dont use the include method on my index pages but do use it for all other pages.
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    Default Re: fixing the php include

    There is no way a HTML generator (BV is a generator) can do what you ask for. Not BV nor any other in the world.
    Furthermore, you would need to use a global css file, or in-line stling of the elements, otherwise the "included" elements would lose their styling.
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