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Thread: A Too look at later "bin"

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    I would like a place where you could put the interesting sitcky's or tips or solutions that one finds whilst looking for answers to often quite unrelated things. Then you could go back to the "look later bin" when you get to the part of building the site the things you have saved refers too.


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    Debbie me too, here is how I fixed it. I opened a new folder in my 'favourites' file and named it Voda Threads. Then everytime I read a thread or tip that I know is going to be useful to me I just add the page to the voda folder in my favourites. The name of the thread generally reminds me what I am looking for.
    BTW congrats on getting your site launched.

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    I use an excel spread sheet by copying the URL's of tips that are of interest to me.
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