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Thread: Think I'm ready for a review...

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    Default Think I'm ready for a review...

    Hello everyone,

    Would very much appreciate a critical review of my website - any and all comments welcome!

    It runs on the WordPress framework; I have spent the last few weeks developing it and although definitely not complete I believe I have achieved the general design and functionality.

    Keeping that in mind, please take a look at

    Too green?!

    Thanks in advance,

    - Benjamin

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    Default Re: Think I'm ready for a review...

    Nicely done.

    "Who the hell is this guy?"

    Is the above line meant to attract attention?????

    Blasphamy is something to keep away for your webpages.

    This is a similar attitude to the above line:
    Anyway very few people on the internet knows who you are
    and who the hell cares anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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    Default Re: Think I'm ready for a review...

    Hi Benjamin,

    I completely disagree with the comment above. When I review sites, I always look at the site and decide for myself before I read the other comments.

    My first impression was what a lovely site! It looks extremely professional. I loved the layout and the colours. I wasn't immediately sure of what the site was for though....then I read the like "Who the hell is this guy" and I thought it was quite cool like you were confessing that you were unknown and making the reader nod along with you while they were reading it. I thought it came across as quite honest and humerous. I don't know if other people might find it offensive...It didn't even occur to me...

    Anyway, back to the site.... On the About page, I found the black writing on the nearly black background quite hard to read. I really like that background though - looks very smart.

    I am still a bit lost with it as when you click to see who the hell the guy is...there is an example page for individuals to write about that right? So....will noone ever know who Benjamin Langlois actually is?? Maybe I'm not quite awake yet...

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    Default Re: Think I'm ready for a review...

    Thank you both for your comments.

    With regard to the 'who the hell is this guy', the potential offence did not even occur to me however as an atheist I don't mind too much.

    @Sally - La Festa: The text on the 'about' page is simply a placeholder until I publish a proper 'about' page (which aims to also address the problem of not immediately realising what the site is - hence the large 'who the hell is this guy'). There should not be a background behind the text. Could you tell me what browser you are using as this must be a coding error on my part (should be plain white background). Do you mean the dark stripy background?

    Thanks both again and any additional comments are very welcome
    - Benjamin Langlois (

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    Default Re: Think I'm ready for a review...

    I did mean the dark stripey one! I have no idea what browser I'm using ....Internet Explorer 7...does that sound right? I am a complete no-brain for computer questions - sorry!

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    Default Re: Think I'm ready for a review...

    Yes thank you I can see the problem now. Damn Internet Explorer's always causing problems.

    Thanks for your help!
    - Benjamin Langlois (

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    Default Re: Think I'm ready for a review...

    Hey there,
    Nice site. When I click on the "Subscribe" link the window opens in the same window making me leave your site.
    Select _blank in your link properties if you want the Subscribe window to open in a new window leaving your site active.
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    Default Re: Think I'm ready for a review...

    @CarbonTerry: Thank you for your input; all my links open in the same window as I like to give the user complete control over their browser's behaviour (and if they are subscribing to my feed it makes no difference to me whether they leave my site or not).

    I appreciate all comments so far, thanks.
    - Benjamin Langlois (

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    Default Re: Think I'm ready for a review...

    Great job!
    Interesting concept for a site and very well executed. It would never have occurred to me as offensive in any way and, judging from the intellectual content of this site, you are probably not very worried about turning away the offended. You might want to keep your pages more uniform in look - I believe uniformity helps people remember a site, when it has a particular 'look'.

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