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Thread: Cant publish my site

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    Default Cant publish my site

    Think i've done everything right but if you review my site all i get is rubbbish

    what ive done

    renamed the .bvp index page as index.html

    am i missing something fundamental

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    Default Re: Cant publish my site

    Everything seems fine to me?
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    Default Re: Cant publish my site

    .....OK, the page opens fine for me too....however, you still have some work to do in some areas:
    page width: I get side scroll - there's a big empty space on the right side
    Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling: all these need to be checked! Normally I would run through the errors as I find them but there were too many on your index page alone!
    The general layout is fine, though :)
    good luck
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