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    Hi, All

    I have just started sell some of our merchandising on the site via paypal and using the cart option.
    WOndering if anyone can offer me any tips . I have a problem that i dont know how to have a option so people can pick what size of t-shirt or product they want.
    Also when they return to shopping from paypal it opens up a new window as well as the old?


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    I am pretty sure if you sign in to your paypal account there are some merchant settings where you can create 'add to cart buttons'. In particular ones that will allow to create variables ie sizes. The code generated there can be pasted into html boxes in BV.

    Also when someone clicks an add to cart button, a new window with the paypal cart will open. When they click 'continue shopping' this window disappears again.

    This page was designed using the code from PayPal for the buttons and not the BV built in ones. Try 'adding to cart' and click 'continue shopping' to see how the pages behave
    Happy Building


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    As DarrenC said there is the option in Paypal under MERCHANT SERVICES then in the middle column click PayPal Shopping Cart on this page you can customize your buttons and add dropdown options.

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