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    I'm completely green and new to this. I've set up a test folder on my laptop and created some pages as tests which for practice I'm going to link together. I'm doing this for someone else so want to be able to show them the site locally.

    I am having problems with hyperlinking. The tutorial makes perfect sense, but it's not HTTP addresses that I'm linking to, they're local.

    Should I create a virtual section of my laptop to do this with? If so, can you give me simple instructions? If not, do I use C: address then change all of them to the HTTP equivalent when I copy the site over to your servers?

    Think of me as very green please. I am not yet a VodaHost customer - once I get confirmation of the site build, the site owner will be.

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    The links between pages wont work locally until your pages are on line & live.
    Links to other live sites pages will link ok.

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