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Thread: Please review my sign shop site

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    Smile Please review my sign shop site

    Please review my site.
    I have been working on this for some time and have a tendency to sometime miss the obvious. It would be a big help to point out any confusing text or dead ends in the navigation.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Please review my sign shop site


    I checked out your website and it simple and decent looking. Thinks I found might need improvements as follows using my CODE method.

    Content - It looks you categorized the site very will by listing the products in proper way and it is really easy to browse and shop. May be you can add a dropdown with each category of products and show in the product page to easily navigate. THat would help faster customer browsing instead of going thru full pages

    I see the left menu, top menu and footer menu are same and you don't have to repeat the same. You can only keep major items in the top and left menu can have everything else. It is not need to be redudant. Also I don't see anything on the right menu which shows blank. Also the menu aren't sequenced properly. It depends on each on preference to have Alphabetically sequenced or which is important for the site. But follow certain method and don't put them randomly.


    Good usage of space all through out the website. Good and clear images. Make the logo clickable to go to home page. May be add contact form with captcha so people don't have to cut and paste your email id to any mail account which some people like me hates.


    May be add some more color to the website by changing the background instead of white. Also use the right nav space to display the cart content or what's in the cart etc,. Also I see font and organization of menu changes after adding to the cart. CHeck that out.

    Overall good site but needs some tweaking..

    All the best.
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