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    Question Problem with page links

    I am making this request a second time and hope it is not a problem. I ask for help on this back on May 19,2010 but did not get the problem solved because the person trying to help has never used the Soho builder.
    I have received email complaints about it and lost sales because of it.
    Here is the problem: Soho built.
    When I click on a products more information link it takes me to more information like it should but then when I click on another item in the menu bar (such as stun guns) to continue shopping I get a 404 not found. Shouldn’t it take me to the page I click on. If the customer can't return to the previous page, they get ticked off and leave the site and will likely never return.

    I believe I contacted support about this but that went to Voda support and was forwarded to Soho and I haven't received an answer.

    Could someone with the know how please tell me how to fix this problem?

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    Default Re: Problem with page links

    It has been five days and no reply to my questions. I quess no one knows the answer or they are to busy to answer.
    I will try support again.

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