1. Define your target market:
Consider who will pay for your translations. Like website developers, legal paper prepares, etc.

2. Market yourself online:
It also gives you somewhere to direct prospective clients who want to learn more about your services.

3. Arrange for the free seminars for the targeted people
This should be arranged for free. In these seminars you can give free advice about language translations and other things. Then come to your company and its services and how you can help people. Try to cover maximum things and give maximum time to discuss about your company.

4.Contact related clients
This also can be done during the seminars by circulating feedback forms among them. Even if you do, many companies prefer translation agencies that offer a variety of language pairs and specialities. For this reason, focus on mid sized or small companies first.

5.Meet people face to face
Meeting people face to face is one of the most effective ways to promote a freelance translation business. Make sure you're ready with good business cards.

6. Attend fairs, shows
Attend them and also try to put your stall for interaction with people and gather peopole's interest.