Hi all!! I use BlueVoda for my website builder, and am using osCommerce for my shopping cart, because it is one of the only free shopping cart my gateway will accept...

I'm a total newbie to osCommerce software... I posted this problem on the osCommerce forum, but have yet to receive an answer, and since there are some subtle differences with accessing the files with Vodahost and fantastico, I'm hoping someone here with experience with BlueVoda with osCommerce can help.

I'm having an issue with a template... The Header graphic was in 4 graphic parts with 3 navigation links incorporated in it. I deleted 3 of the header graphics in image file, and re-named the graphic I wanted to the same name as the remaining header graphic, uploaded it and has changed as planned.

The only problem, is there are 3 graphic boxes, and the 3 navigational links on the side of the header graphic on the page... I've searched the header.php, and a few other php files, but can't find where those little suckers are hiding... (I have not went into the osCommerce admin folder of my ftp manager)

I've also tried going into my admin area of my store.

Does anyone have any idea how I go about getting rid of these little pains in my buttocks?

It's template #2619 and you can check out the page in question at glassillusions.net/store

I'm not all that familiar with php code so be gentle.