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Thread: Web hosting & builder issue!

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    Exclamation Web hosting & builder issue!

    Hi, i love bluevoda website builder and i so much wanna make websites with it, but makeing working websites you need hosting plan from bluevoda, and it cost so hell much??

    1. why it cost so much, many other places it's just few $/month, here you need pay some taxes and everything..

    2. Is there any other hosting services where you can use it by website builder on host to it by it?

    3. Why /FREE\ website builder needs hosting plan for creating workin' code and makin' working login -system...

    4. Why free website builder can't give you working code and make working login system, always you need to put server from only bluevoda


    I love this wonderful service and website builder, but i can't make my dream and do websites with it, becouse it's cost way too much that i have worth..

    so please dear bluevoda, make your website builder to but websites on other hosting services and make the code works or make hosting costs lower..

    Regars, Austin Smith (#1 bluevoda fan)

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    Default Re: Web hosting & builder issue!

    Would you like jam on that as well?

    Vodahost is a business. If a business gave everything away free it wouldn't be a business would it?

    Vodahost offer one of the best pricing systems around, expecially for the great hosting you receive.

    If you want free hosting go look for it, there's plenty out there, but expect to find poor website builders and advertising all over your sites!
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    Default Re: Web hosting & builder issue!

    I agree with Marincky there are many free web hostings, and believe me I tried them all, there not that great, especially they will post random ads on your website, and also you can't do anything you would like to do, like you could on bluevoda, with other sites, I wanted to do so much more but I couldn't, so if you want to make an easy simple website go with free hosting, but honestly there not that great, and usually if there free, you only can have a limited amount of pages for your website
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