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    Wink New concept

    I am thinking about changing my website as I do about 3 times a year. Before I create anymore off of this concept I would like some comments any would be fine. I don't like the current website look I have

    so I thought I would move to something like this

    let me know what you guys think?

    Thanks a bunch

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    makes no sense to me. build a good site and stick to it. otherwise i fear your just burning rubber

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    Mind Game Guest

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    lol, for some yes but there is always room for improvement and thats the name of the game. you still didn't comment on it other then sayin stick to it and something about burning rubber lol.

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    tcindia123 Guest

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    your new concept is good you can use it

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    I prefer the current site version, myself. Looks cleaner, more professional. The 'new concept' looks too tacky, too much like a low-brow ad scheme type site, as if trying to be too clever.

    But then, that's just me.

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    Agree with glendene.
    It makes no sense doing that. You should have one site and keep updating it, adding good and unique content, new pages,etc. That if you wish to rank well with the SE's.
    And btw, you shouldn't stuff your keywords in the page title. It should be a sentence that best describe your site/business. Even better if you use your main (one!) keyword.

    Good luck,

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    The current format is hard on my eyes. I typically don't like the dark back grounds with the light colored text.

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