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Thread: What is the FTP host name?

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    Default What is the FTP host name?

    I'm trying to upload my site and dreamweaver won't connect to the ftp host... Vodahost is my provider... obviously

    for past websites I have uploaded I simply put in their domain name where dreamweaver requires the FTP Host to be written.

    however, for the current site it gives me error messages saying it can't connect to the ftp host

    My other sites, which are identical in how I set them up, connect fine, but this one will not.

    What else could the name of the ftp host be.

    I have tried,, 21 (dreamweaver suggested trying to put in port 21 because I understand vodahost uses port 21)

    any thoughts would be appreciated

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    Default Re: What is the FTP host name?

    Your domain name is not pointing to VH servers.
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