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Thread: Problem with two index pages! HELP!

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    Default Problem with two index pages! HELP!

    Hey everyone. I really need your help with this. I recently overhauled my entire site ( and made it more search engine friendly. I created a form for sending in your contact info. and placed it on the homepage and published it with a .php extension. The page is saved as "index" in my folder as well and named accordingly on within the links on the nav. bar. Here's the problem:

    When I updated the google info, if you search for "amprowritingservices" the old page information shows up (the page title and description). If you search for "amprowritingservices/index" that's the only way you can see the updated info. for the title and descriptions.

    When I submitted my sitemap (auto generated) it gave me both a and listing. I published them both. Do I need to tell the robots not to crawl this page ? I just wanted to be able to search for "amprowritingservices" and have the updated page with the tital and description there. Any suggestions ? I can provide any information you may need.


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    Lightbulb Re: Problem with two index pages! HELP!

    Andrew ...

    Go into your account and simply delete any unnecessary file manually, and do not bother about 'straining on gnats.'

    Every SE assigns values to every instance of a website, including the domain name itself (pathway, validated MX records, active status, etc.) in order to FIRST begin to seek relevance of the domain name to everything else that comprises the website (Content, KW, Descriptions, Tags, titles, etc.) in an ordered, logical manner to assemble a refined value system and cache for each website.

    What you are seeing is not an indication of a duplicated 'index' page, merely single entries in order of occurrance.

    The auto-generated XML file will be enough for the SE's to properly respond to your site ...
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